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US-N. Korea peace treaty a disasterous idea

Experts on North Korea warned that the United States should never sign a peace treaty with Pyongyang just to control its nuclear threats. With the North edging ever closer to becoming a state with nuclear weapons, there is a growing expectation that North Korea will demand a peace treaty with the U.S. by calling for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from South Korea. The experts said a peace treaty with the North would be Kim Jong-un’s strategy to delegitimize South Korea and make issues on the Korean Peninsula a strictly U.S.-North Korea affair. “[The U.S.] signing a peace treaty with the North is just about the worst thing we could do,” Sean King, Senior Vice President of Park Strategies, told the Korea Times. King pointed out that the Korean War started after North Korea attacked the south, so any agreement should be between the two Koreas. “The North would never go for that because it would debunk the Kim Jong-un regime’s false ultranationalist Korean narrative that it is the only legitimate government for the entire peninsula,” King said. King added that a North Korean precondition for any bogus peace treaty would surely be the removal of U.S. troops from South Korea and an end to the U.S.-South Korea Mutual Defense Treaty. This would leave the South vulnerable to another invasion by the North. “Under this scenario, even by dismantling them, Pyongyang’s nukes would have achieved their purpose,” King said. “In short, a U.S.-North Korea peace treaty would be the disaster of all disasters.” Other analysts said that the concept of a peace treaty as a way to “coax the North to denuclearize,” has been around for a long time, but that proposition is based on incorrect assumptions, and that peace agreements on the Korean Peninsula must include the equal leadership of South Korea, in defiance of the North’s goal of delegitimizing the South. Some even say that agreements must be done under the leadership of South Korea rather than the U.S. or any other country, such as China.   Read the full article here.

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