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TPP Could be Trump’s Next Policy Reversal

President Donald Trump has made a few notable policy reversals in the time he has been president, the most recent of which was last week, when a U.S. Treasury report did not name China as a currency manipulator. While on the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly promised he would formally accuse Beijing of currency manipulation if he were elected president.

What will Trump backtrack on next? It could be the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In January, Trump withdrew from the TPP on the claim that the agreement would harm U.S. manufacturing.

“Whoever thought that Trump would let China, a rival, off the hook on currency?” said Sean King, Senior Vice President of Park Strategies. “If he can do that with a country that’s clearly not a friend, maybe he could consider reversing himself on TPP for a friend like Japan.”

King said Trump still has time to change his mind on the TPP, as the treaty text remains valid until February 2018.

“He’s certainly made greater reversals and clamed victory,” King continued. “Why not do this for our friends who want to stand with us against countries like China and North Korea? I’m all for it.”

Vice President Mike Pence is going to hold talks with Taro Aso, Japan’s deputy prime minister, on May 16. He is expected to offer a U.S.-Japan free trade agreement (FTA).

“We are trying to offer them a poor man’s TPP with this FTA idea, but I don’t think Japan has any interest in pursuing that,” King said. “I think Taro Aso is just going to hear out Pence to be nice to Trump…I don’t expect much to come out of these talks. It’s going to be a bunch of niceties but no real deliverables.”

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