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Strained Relations Hinder Dealings with China and New Taiwanese President

It seems pretty clear that China is not pleased with the fact that Taiwan is now run by the Democratic Progressive Party and their pro-independence stance.

Since the January election of Tsai Ing-wen, China has established diplomatic ties with a country in an unofficial truce with Taiwan, pushed them out of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development committees, and forced the deportation of Taiwanese criminals to mainland China.

China’s issue stems from their belief that the DPP doesn’t honor the “one-China” principle set forth in the “92 Consensus.” Many in China believe that this hard stance is necessary to keep Taiwan in line, but outside opinion tends to see an opposite effect.

“In some ways, Beijing’s hard line only reaffirms for many Taiwanese their choice to have voted for Tsai,” Sean King of Park Strategies said. “Taiwanese want to peacefully coexist with mainland China, travel and do business there, but don’t see themselves as part of it.”

Read the full article from ABCNews.

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